We are a Traditional martial arts school in Perth and look forward to meeting you. During Kuk Sool Won training you will learn self-defence and martial arts etiquette and respect. You will be taught body conditioning and co-ordination exercises, stances, hand and foot strikes, throwing and falling techniques, joint locks & pressure point techniques, forms, acrobatics, weaponry and meditation.

Joint locking pressure points traditional Korean weapons leg techniques hand techniques 
throws and grappling falling and acrobatics  body conditioning  meditation and breathing


Monday 1930-2030 beginner class

Tuesday 1930-2100 adult class
Wednesday 1900-1945 online class

Friday 1800-1900 beginner class

Friday 1900-2000 adult class

Saturday 1130-1245 adult class

Train in our adult beginner class and join fellow new students and develop to be the best you. Learn the fundamental principles of Kuk Sool Won and continue to grow . Classes will involve some cardio and physical exercises as well as our fully comprehensive syllabus , taught by 3rd dhan Instructor PSBN Richard Steel with 14 years experience.


Saturday - 10.30am-11-20am

Glenearn Community Campus, sports hall

Our kids classes are fun and engaging. Your child will develop confidence, fitness, respect for ones self and others as well as discipline and manners. classes are taught in an encouraging and positive environment. 



Get one on one tuition with your Instructor PSBN Richard Steel and get more in depth and deep training.  This is great for brushing up on your skills before testing or if you are unable to attend our classes. 

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Official World Kuk Sool Association school